The unbearable heaviness of being

No matter what your personality is. I don’t care in which way you understand people. Regardless of how you define thoes you vist and friends you have, I am firmly of the belief that says : «heavy people carry lives». I believe in heaviness that exists behind the simplest faces we see.

Behind the simplest people with simplest characters, I have found a huge amount of life. Heavy people do not seem uniqe, heavy lives never look special. I have found life only in absence of presentations!

Heavy ones make me wonder! those who have nothing to say, ones who believe they know nothing, thoes who are wanderers, thoes who seek for answers. Ones who have suffered. Those who never stick to their beliefs! Thoes who do not push! Thoes who get lost! Thoes who are pushed! Thoes who were bodies for occurrence of life! Thoes who suddenly appear! thoes who disappear! Thoes with the least volume and the most density! Heavy ones.

«Heavy ones» freez me! The most reasonable justification to make me stop. I ask me to watch. Get involved. Spend a while on looking at life rather than living it. Heavy friends are thoes who make you stop! Heavy people are the most challenging experiences of our lives. The most challenging part of the life is when they become a choice! They are roads to be taken rather than friends to be seen!

» Heavy people mean more than a human we meet. More orienting than a challenge or relation to get involved with. Heavy ones are more than a couple of years. They stand for life. Representatives of the roads we may take».


I communicate so I exist.

2 Responses to The unbearable heaviness of being

  1. Alimot says:

    من دوستامو به سه گره خروس وزن، شغال وزن و سنگین وزن تقسیم کردم

  2. helia says:

    to bear heaviness of being or do not bear…that’s the question…

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