Deep-rational Diagnosis

Violently rotating column of thoughts in contact with the ground, supported with clouds of doubts. The funnel-shaped fast moving thoughts that destroy every piece of previously built beliefs.

Dots of perception! Those which start the thunder. Dots that have the most capability of making connections with other dots of the lower and upper levels. The WHY connections. The comparison connections.

Building step by step the funnel which slowly starts to wander around the axis of my thoughts, along the axis of my being. Shooting my beliefs away, destroying every part of settled data, removing all the memories and questioning the reality of my experiences. Eventually, fades in the far blue mountains of my dreams road. Leaving me numb, quiet and exhausted.

DIGNITY hurts. Huge Tornados destroy me! huge extraordinary BREAKERS that crush and sweep everything.

3 Responses to Deep-rational Diagnosis

  1. laleh a says:

    hala age bavararo tekoon bede bad nist…bazi vaghta kollan miad monhadem mikone…in chand rooze ham ke vase man intori shode…hala bendazam taghsire in charkhe gardoon khodamo rahat konam…aslan asaaab nadaram…koone laghesh…vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
    mikhaam jenayat konam…

  2. helia says:

    vaziatet mano yade khodaye khodayan mindaze,God of thunder…the great ruler…khosha be halet ke paadeshahe darunet zendast doostam, azash moraghebat kon…

  3. parg☼l says:

    که اینطور پس

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